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Pressure-treated wood is a widely available and budget-friendly material for fences. There are also many available stains and finishes to achieve a variety of looks. Pressure-treated wood fences are very affordable.

Pressure-treated wood fences are resistant to biological and environmental forces by the preservatives used in treating the wood. These factors could damage your fence if they are not shielded. Pressure-treated wood fences have many advantages, including resistance to termite attack and fungus decay, a longer lifespan, more graceful weathering, construction with sturdy pine species, and simplicity in staining or sealing.

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A wooden fence, which draws its design inspiration from the environment’s natural features, is not only timeless but also the perfect solution for homeowners on a tight budget.

With the proper upkeep and care, wood continues to be a popular option for both residential and commercial fencing because it has a natural beauty that lasts for decades. Pressure treated lumber is very well-liked for wood fencing installation because of its higher protection against the elements, as well as the majority of moulds, insects, and rot. Fencescape exclusively uses high quality pressure-treated lumber.


Pressure-treated wood fences are durable and versatile material for homeowners that want an outdoor design that will last. Working with reputable installers that understands how and when to use pressure-treated lumber will better ensure that your project is a success.

Deciding on the best fencing option for you comes down to a few things: price, lifespan, and style. To learn more about Fencescape fence installation and to receive a free, no-obligation price estimate, get in touch with a member of us today.

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The ideal type of fence is different for everyone. However, wood fences have been around for a very long time and for good reason. Wood fences are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice that are also versatile in terms of how they can be designed to match your preferred look. Due to the Canadian weather, cedar and pressure treated lumber are the recommended types of wood. With proper maintenance you can expect your wood fence to last for years. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free estimate!

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The time required for fence installation varies, however on average most jobs
take 1-3 days from start to finish. The duration of the project depends on many
factors such as fence design, the length of the fence, the location of the site and
much more.

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