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4 Reasons To Consider Picket Fences In Ottawa And Gatineau

Picket fences have been a staple component of the traditional home. Their style and aesthetic are considered timeless and classic. Even though other fences have been introduced to the market, picket fences still maintain their unique niche for those who need them.

As such, the team at Fencescape would like you to know four reasons why you should use picket fences in Ottawa and Gatineau.

1. Picket Fences Provide Visual Appeal

Picket fences visuals

Picket fences bring a unique aesthetic to a house’s landscape. Their classically traditional appearance can enhance and synergize with many architectural styles, no matter how different they are.

They can complement yards and gardens very well. Wood fencing especially can be stained and painted in a variety of colours to match the colour scheme present. Alternatively, they can be used in the gardenscape by growing plants on their surface.

Picket fences can also create a central locus for the landscape, drawing attention to a particular aspect of the yard or framing the house in a certain way. This allows them to enhance what they are surrounding as well.

2. Picket Fences Allow For Privacy and Security

The unique construction and composition of picket fences enable privacy without any oppressive or restrictive notions factoring into the construction.

These fences usually come in wood, PVC, or vinyl and are constructed with vertical spaces evenly spacing out the fence boards. This allows for a strong barrier that protects the house and surrounding property by completely cutting off the outside world. This is great for homeowners who require separation but still want to be a part of the neighbourhood.

The picket fence also provides a secure perimeter that deters unwanted intruders and prevents children and pets from leaving the property without supervision. Homeowners who have a yard with pools and toys or a garden find these useful for protecting their property and the house’s residents.

3. Picket Fences Need Less Maintenance

The materials used in making these fences do not require the same level of care and upkeep that others would. A vinyl or PVC fence is durable, they can resist insect damage, rot, weather effects, etc. Wood fencing can be protected with paints or stains to ensure its longevity.

Other fences, like those made of wrought iron or chain links, will need a lot of maintenance to stay functional. Without the proper care and attention, they will be subject to corrosion, rust and other damaging effects.

4. Picket Fences Can Serve As Property Boundaries

Picket fences boundary

If homeowners need to clearly define the lines of the area around their house, picket fences can help in that regard. This is vital for homes in dense neighbourhoods or homes that share a driveway.

Furthermore, the fences can also define specific areas of a property, like pools or gardens. This can be used to secure these areas for protection, like keeping kids out of the pool in wintertime. Or they can help in organizing the various aspects of the yard.

Homeowners will have to comply with the laws and regulations that manage zoning in that area. Some places will have specific requirements for fence height, placement and style. This will need to be accounted for when marking property boundaries with a picket fence.

Fencescape – Premium Quality Fence Installations In Ottawa and Gatineau

A picket fence is a beneficial addition to any property. The advantages that come with it make it a no-brainer for any homeowner looking to improve upon their property.

Please contact us if you need any fencing installed on your property. Fencescape is the premier provider of fences in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our fences are made of the best quality materials, guaranteeing strength, longevity and visual appeal in all our products. No matter your situation, Fencescape is here to provide you with top-quality results every time.