4 Reasons To Consider Picket Fences In Ottawa And Gatineau

Picket fences

Picket fences have been a staple component of the traditional home. Their style and aesthetic are considered timeless and classic. Even though other fences have been introduced to the market, picket fences still maintain their unique niche for those who need them. As such, the team at Fencescape would like you to know four reasons […]

4 Tips For Preparing Your Wood Fence For Winter

wood fence maintenance

To ensure that it isn’t destroyed during the season of ice and snow, your wood fence needs maintenance and protection for wintertime. This will ensure that it survives the colder winter months while still protecting your property. Hence, the team at Fencescape would like you to know 4 tips for winter wood fence care. 1. […]

Fence Materials For Canada’s Harsh Winter

Wooden Fence With Snow

When you’re in the market for a new fence and live in Canada, finding durable materials is an important factor to consider. Snow, changes in humidity, and changes in temperatures can damage common fence materials. Keep reading to find out the best fencing materials to use for your home that will stand up against the […]

What to Consider When Selecting Chain Link Fencing Material

chain link fence mesh wrapped up

Chain link fence installation is a great choice for Ottawa homeowners who are looking to enhance the privacy and security of their homes without blocking any of the property’s views.  Chain link fencing is a simple and cost-effective fencing solution that comes in a variety of coatings and materials that serve different purposes. Choosing the […]

PVC Fence Maintenance Tips & Tricks

white pvc privacy fence

One attractive aspect of PVC fences is their low-maintenance needs. Their nature means that they won’t crack, twist or rot like wood fences and they have a lower chance of fading. Another appealing element of PVC fences is their low cost. The inflating price of lumber means that wood fences are less practical when compared […]

When to Install Security Fencing in Ottawa

rusty chain link fence

Feeling safe in your home is paramount to anything else in life. While installing locks and cameras on your front door is a good first step, it doesn’t prevent people from trespassing on your property. Not only are fences a beautiful addition to a home, but it also boosts curb appeal while keeping your family […]

Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips

properly cared for wooden fence

Wooden fences require a bit more maintenance than some other styles of fencing such as PVC or iron. On average, a well-maintained wooden fence can last between 10 and 15 years.

What You Need to Know About Fence Installation in Ottawa

What You Need to Know About Fence Installation in Ottawa When the snow and frost thaw out every spring, many Ottawa homeowners are looking to install a fence on their properties. Fences add a sense of security and privacy to their properties. There are a few things to consider before making the decision to hire […]