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Chain link fences have been around for almost 150 years and for the most part remain relatively unchanged. Today, they offer solutions to a wide range of customer needs from pool enclosures to commercial applications.
Our experts will guide you through the wide range of residential and commercial chain link fences. We have experience in residential and commercial chain link fences as well as city bylaws in regard to pool enclosures and are happy to discuss your needs and how a chain link fence can best suit them!
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For residential purposes, a chain-link fence is the most cost-effective option to enclose a large yard, a pool or even to keep a pet in a backyard. For commercial use, chain link fences have several applications necessary to meet specified requirements.

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Although they are frequently employed as safety or security fences, chain-link fences can also be utilised to create a straightforward enclosure. We offer the chain-link system to fit your demands, whether you require a robust security fence or a dumpster enclosure.

We provide a selection of mesh sizes, wire gauges, styles, colours, and embellishments for chain link weaving. The best part is that our chain-link fences are low-maintenance and have a long lifespan. At Fencescape, we are the leading supplier and installers of chain link fences including galvanised and black vinyl chain-link fence in the Ottawa Gatineau area. Get your free estimate now.

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Chain link fencing is a popular choice for households with children, pets, or a pool/hot tub since it is cost-effective, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Chain Link fencing is simple to build and provides safety and security without breaking the bank.

A chain link fence is a type of metal fence that is usually made of galvanised or coated steel. Most chain link fences are straightforward, with only a few key elements such as the mesh (the chain link portion of the fence), rails and posts, and the gate. The zig-zag design of chain link fences, which generates hundreds of little diamonds, makes them clearly recognisable. 

Fabric, structure, fittings, and gates are the four components of chain-link fencing. It’s all about how you put things together. Each of these components comes in a variety of weights (gauges) and protective coating options. We can mix and match components to create your bespoke fence.

Galvanised zinc is the most frequent coating, although you’ll also find chain-link components with vinyl or polyester colour coatings. These colour treatments improve landscaping by blending in with trees, shrubs, and bushes in a natural way. They’ll also provide further corrosion and rust prevention.

Chain link comes in a variety of heights, wire gauges, and diamond sizes.

Mesh sizes range from 3/8”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1” 1 ¾”, 2”, 2 ¼”, 2 3/8” to 3 ½”. Smaller mesh sizes are generally utilised in high-security applications while the bigger meshes are used in residential applications.

Wire mesh and other chain link fence parts come in a variety of colours. Most options combine vinyl covering and powder coating for long-term colour preservation. Powder coating used is made to match the wire mesh colour on all posts, rails, caps, and fittings.

Powder coating has the advantage of not requiring solvents and capturing its own overspray, making it particularly environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the finished product contains UV stabilisers, which will produce a longer-lasting sheen and improved scratch resistance.