How To

How to Build a Shadowbox Fence

Tips & Tricks for HomeOwners

01. Materials and Tools
Collect the required supplies such as concrete mix, gravel, fence posts, rails, boards/ pickets, and nails or screws. Moreover, you'll need a post hole digger, level, measuring tape, saw, stakes, thread, drill, hammer, and screwdriver; and remember the safety gear like work gloves and safety glasses.
02. Plan and Layout
Plan the fence's layout first. Measure the space where the fence will be built and mark the fence post placements. A straight fence line may be made with stakes and thread.
03. Dig Post Holes
Dig holes for the fence posts using a post hole digger. The length of the posts, local construction rules, and frost line restrictions will all affect how deep the holes are. To provide drainage, fill each hole with a layer of gravel. As soon as the posts are in the holes, level and plumb them with concrete mix. Give the concrete time to harden.
04. Fasten Rails
After the poles are firmly in place, install horizontal rails in between them. A few inches above the ground is where the bottom rail should be. To make sure the rails are straight and positioned correctly, use a level.
05. Install Pickets
Make sure the first post is plumb before attaching the first picket to it, starting at one end of the fence. To get the desired shadowbox appearance and allow for air circulation, place the next picket on the other side of the rails. To make sure the pickets are upright and that there is a constant distance between them, use a level. Drill holes in each picket before attaching it to the rails to avoid wood breaking.
06. Alternate Pickets
Pickets should be placed on opposite sides of the rails in succession until the whole fence is covered. As you work, make sure the fence is straight and level by checking for plumbness and levelness.
07. Finishing and Upkeep
Check to see whether all fasteners are secure after installing the pickets and trim the tops if required. Treat the fence with a stain or protective finish to prevent deterioration of the wood. Check the fence from time to time, repair any rotting or broken pickets, and make sure the construction is still sturdy and safe.
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