How To Install A Chain-Link Fence

Ever thought of securing your property with a sturdy fence? Installing a chain-link fence might just be the answer. However, if you intend to make it a DIY project, there are a few things to consider, from meticulous planning and precise measurements to setting sturdy posts and attaching durable chain-link fabric. In this DIY guide, […]

How To Install Prefabricated Fence Panels

Tuf Fence installation in Ottawa

Sprucing up your yard with a sleek new fence? The team at Fencescape has got your back with this DIY guide to installing prefabricated fence panels. Whether you’re a newbie DIY enthusiast or a seasoned pro, follow these steps for a hassle-free way to add charm and privacy to your outdoor space.

How to Fix Broken Posts

Fence posts are crucial parts of a fence. When they are broken, the fence deteriorates and may tilt or fall, endangering privacy and security. A damaged fence post also ruins the property’s overall aesthetic and poses a safety risk, particularly if it’s in a public space and there are kids or dogs nearby. Fortunately, with […]

How to Build a Shadowbox Fence

A board-on-board fence, often referred to as a shadowbox fence, is a type of fence that offers visual appeal and seclusion. To create a shadow effect, pickets are positioned on opposite sides of the fence rail. The concept calls for putting pickets on either side of the rails that cross the fence posts horizontally. Because […]

How To Add A Gate To Your Fence

Fencing installation must include the construction of a safe and useful access point to your property. By adding a gate, you can enhance convenience while also assuring safety and improving the property’s overall visual appeal. Adding a gate to your fence is a doable DIY project with several advantages, whether you’re trying to safeguard your […]

How To Fix Leaning Fences

If left neglected, a leaning fence may become an eyesore, jeopardize the security of your property, and even pose a safety risk. You can restore that fence to its former standard with a little work and the correct knowledge, so do not be alarmed. In this do-it-yourself tutorial, the team at Fencescape will coach you […]

Fence Buying Guide

A fence buying guide is priceless in reducing the strain of what is typically a difficult endeavour. With so many different types of materials, styles, and designs available, it’s crucial to know your precise requirements and spending limit. Hence, the team at Fencescape would like to provide you with a fence buying guide to facilitate […]

How To Care For Your Wooden Fence

wooden fence maintenance

A well-maintained fence can beautify and increase the value of your home while also giving you and your family privacy and security. However, weather damage, rot, and other problems can make wooden fences susceptible to deterioration over time. You can ensure that your wooden fence looks fantastic and lasts for many years by giving it […]

Comparing Different Types of Fence Materials

The beauty, function, and value of your home can all be impacted by choosing the perfect fence material for your property. Choosing the best fence material for you might be difficult because there are so many options. As such the team at Fencescape would like to assist you in evaluating various fence materials so that […]

How to Prepare Your Yard for a Fence

An excellent approach to increase your privacy, security, and property value is by installing a fence in your yard. However, it’s crucial to adequately prepare your yard in advance to ensure a good and durable fence installation. Hence, the team at Fencescape would like to provide you with a guide for preparing your yard for […]