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 Elite Fence Products has been on the market since 1986 and is trusted and reliable. Elite Aluminum Fencing products including gates and railing products utilize only the highest quality materials available. Our management and sales staff at Fencescape are highly experienced in all aspects of Elite Aluminum fence installation. Elite aluminum fencing offers a superior product with unsurpassed customer reliability.

Ornamental fencing systems offer a solution to your project needs by enhancing the appearance of your property while protecting it at the same time. Elite Aluminum Fencing experts at Fencescape continue to design and engineer unique fencing, gate, and railing products that are built to last for residential and commercial purposes.

Traditional & Durable Aesthetics



Fencescape’s selection of Elite Aluminum fences offers the ideal solution for all your fencing requirements. We can help you whether you want to improve the aesthetics and security of your residential property or if you need heavy-duty industrial fencing.

Choose Fencescape for premium Elite Aluminum fencing products that combine functionality, elegance, and peace of mind.


Our range includes Residential Grade Aluminum Fence, designed to complement your home’s aesthetics while offering durability and reliability. For industrial applications, we offer Heavy Industrial Aluminum Fence and Industrial Grade Aluminum Fence, providing robust protection and security. We also offer Commercial Grade Aluminum Fences for commercial buildings and Aluminum Railing for elevated areas. Because it’s so important to keep everyone safe around pools, our Aluminum Pool Fence provides an attractive and secure wall. Last but not least, our ZipTrack Aluminum Gates & Fences provide comfort and accessibility.

Residential Grade Aluminum Fence

Our residential-grade aluminum fence is neighbor friendly while still providing exceptional security and protection.

Heavy Industrial Aluminum Fence

Our Elite heavy industrial grade aluminum fencing is constructed of 1-5/8″x 1-5/8″ rails with an enclosed bottom and has no exposed screws, 1″x 1″ pickets, and uses 3″x 3″ or 4″x 4″ post.

Aluminum Railing

Elite Fence aluminum railing is the best in the industry. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we provide 6 different profiles. All our railings are ICC compliant and have the toughness and durability to pass any railing-related construction codes.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Fence

For commercial applications like apartment and condominium complexes, our commercial-grade aluminum fence is perfect.

Aluminum Pool Fence

Our 4 ft. high LifeGard aluminum pool fence is ideal for swimming pools and meets the 1996 BOCA pool code. Our LifeGard aluminum pool fence is constructed of 1-1/8″x 1-3/4″ rails, 3/4″x 3/4″ pickets, and uses 2″x2″ or 2-1/2″x 2-1/2″ post. Our horizontal rails have been engineered for a unique style and maximum strength.

Industrial Grade Aluminum Fence

Our industrial grade aluminum fencing is constructed of 1-5/8″x 1-5/8″ rails, 1″x 1″ pickets, and uses 2-1/2″x 2-1/2″, 3″x 3″ or 4″x 4″ post.

ZipTrack Aluminum Gates & Fences

Our ZipTrack™ Aluminum Cantilever gates are among the industry’s finest. It features our own exclusive design and comes fully assembled.

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