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Ornamental Iron fences bring a true enhancement of beauty to any yard. They offer the security that is desired without taking away from the beauty of their surroundings. Ornamental Iron fences provide very safe enclosures for pools and comply with all city bylaws. They are built of either Galvanized Steel or Aluminum and are typically finished in durable powder-coated paint. These fences are maintenance-free and offer a lengthy lifespan.
Iron fences are a popular and exceptional choice for pool enclosures. Ornamental Iron is a great choice to blend with other types of fences such as PVC, SimTek, Wood, or Chain Link. Our experts will guide you through the wide range of Iron products on the market, and help you make the right decision.
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Enjoy the classy and elegant look of an Elite Aluminum fence. These fences provide you with a long-lasting secure fence with aesthetics at the forefront. They offer low maintenance, durability, and a high level of security. Elite Aluminum fences are built to withstand Ottawa’s harsh winter weather.


With over 20 years of fencing and gate products, Nuvo Iron is the perfect choice for your fencing and security needs, all the while adding a certain aesthetic to your home that just can’t be beat! We are proud to offer three different models: Cubanite, Ruby and Tiger Eye.

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Ornamental fencing can increase the value of your residence or commercial property. Ornamental fencing’s elaborate designs serve as a focal point for your property while fitting in with the overall architecture of your building and landscaping plan. They can be installed to stylishly delineate your property’s boundaries while securing them.

Even better, ornamental fences frequently have a high return on investment when a house is sold since they typically have better aesthetic appeal than other types of fencing. The perfect kind of ornamental fence that complements the style and design of your home can unquestionably raise the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your residential or commercial property.


Majority of ornamental fences in Canada are used on residential properties. Common materials include Aluminium and Iron.  Because ornamental aluminium fencing won’t corrode, it is a preferred material to withstand Canada’s harsh weather and coastal areas.

Ornamental fences are strong and require little maintenance. It can be utilised for privacy, security, marking a steep slope or drop-off, bordering a walkway, creating zones throughout a landscape, or just for aesthetic purposes among many others. At Fencescape, we can assist you in determining the best design for your house or other property and its intended purpose. .

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Iron and aluminium ornamental fences have distinct design components that give any property a beautiful, highly aesthetic elegance that no other fencing material can match.

The increased security level provided by iron and aluminium fencing is why it is frequently chosen. It’s also a highly sturdy, strong, and dependable fencing option that’ll keep any property protected.

Swimming pool enclosures made of aluminium ornamental fencing are ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Additional safety features include self-closing and key-lock latching gates, in addition to the elegance an aluminium ornamental fence offers to your pool area.

Yes. The design of the fence panels of the aluminium ornamental fence items we provide at Fencescape allows your fence to contour to the grade of your property.

One of the most appealing features of high-quality aluminium and iron ornamental fencing is its ability to tolerate extreme weather. Weather cannot damage your aluminium and iron ornamental fence, thanks to open designs that allow the wind to pass through. It also possesses high-tech coatings with a lifetime limited warranty, and strong, rust and corrosion-free components.

Each grade of ornamental fence is created to meet certain requirements and purposes. The engineering of these fences has been influenced by experience to give strength, longevity, and stability to match how the fence is utilised. Aluminium and iron ornamental fence is anything but fragile, and it can be customised to fit any fencing requirement for your home or business.

A typical price range for ornamental fences could be from $40 to $100 per linear foot. It’s advisable to ask for a custom quote based on your specific requirements.