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PVC Fence Maintenance Tips & Tricks

One attractive aspect of PVC fences is their low-maintenance needs. Their nature means that they won’t crack, twist or rot like wood fences and they have a lower chance of fading. Another appealing element of PVC fences is their low cost. The inflating price of lumber means that wood fences are less practical when compared to stylish, low-maintenance, and affordable PVC fences.

Low-maintenance, however, does not mean no-maintenance. PVC fences still need a small amount of routine maintenance to protect them from the elements. We’ll be listing a couple of PVC fence maintenance tips that will extend the longevity of your PVC fence even further.

PVC fence

Cleaning Maintenance for PVC Fences

The first (and easiest) type of maintenance you can do for your fence is a simple cleaning! Cleaning your fence will prevent a multitude of potentially damaging factors. These include mold, overgrowth, and insects. Damage can also be caused by yard tools such as weed whippers and lawnmower tires.

The first maintenance tip you can try is quickly rinsing your PVC fence with a hose. This is effective for fences that have been recently installed or routinely maintained because tougher build-up won’t have accumulated yet. Simply run the hose over both sides of the fence and wipe it down with a rag.

The second maintenance tip we recommend is best for fences with considerable build-up or stains from yard tools such as lawnmowers: pressure washing. A pressure washer equipped with a fan-spray nozzle is perfect for PVC fence maintenance because it’s not abrasive, meaning that your PVC fence will not be scratched or worn. Remember to equip yourself with goggles and other relevant safety equipment as pressure washers can be dangerous to unprotected people.


Repair Maintenance for PVC Fences

The most important thing you can do for maintaining the healthy state of your PVC fence is to do a thorough check once or twice a year. Critically analyze both sides of the PVC fence for cracks, chips, or other imperfections. Make sure to give extra attention to the fence posts as they’re responsible for a majority of the structural integrity of the PVC fence.

Check the horizontal rails as well as the posts for wobbling or looseness. If you notice the rails or posts are loose, you can fill the area with a mixture of gravel and soil and compact it to secure the PVC fence into place.

For areas of the PVC fence that have been damaged by weed whippers, lawnmowers, or other lawn equipment beyond basic repair, we recommend you call the experts at Fencescape. Fencescape provides efficient and friendly PVC fence services for the Ottawa area. Get a free estimate now!


Reputable PVC Fencing in Ottawa

PVC Fences offer protection to your house, yard, and family from strangers and unwanted critters. As this blog has shown, these sturdy, affordable fences are a low-maintenance option that gives you the opportunity to focus attention on more important yard-related activities.

Contact the Fencescape team now for PVC fence maintenance or to get started on a fresh PVC fence installation. We provide the highest quality fencing services in the Ottawa area and we’re supported by a list of loyal, satisfied customers. We offer free estimates for all potential clients so you know exactly what you’re getting before we start.