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PVC Fences are the most popular choice in today’s market primarily for their clean appearance as well as the “Maintenance-Free” benefits. PVC Fences are less likely to fade and they won’t twist or crack like wood. If properly installed, this is likely the last fence you’ll ever have to build.
Our experts will guide you through the wide range of PVC products available on the market, and help you make the right decision.
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Bufftech PVC fence
Bufftech PVC is an industry leader with the highest quality products and the widest range of selection they are innovators and we are proud to be a certified Bufftech distributor for Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas. From the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry to patented fade-resistant technology enjoy the widest selection of colour, styles, and textures of any PVC manufacturer.
PVC Gorilla Fence at the back of a house
Among the most reputable and most recognizable names in the industry, Gorilla brand PVC fences offer strength, unique aesthetics, and a lifetime warranty. With the H-Post design and steel-reinforced posts and rails, Gorilla fences have the strength and quality to last. With industry-leading colour options such as Green Teak and Chai Grey, no other fence offers the look and appeal that Gorilla fences offer.
PVC Fence section
Tuf-Fence uses the innovative H-post along with rails and boards offering you the most robust fence. These fences are North-America Fence Association approved and are built to withstand the harsh winter climate the Ottawa-Gatineau area endures. Like all PVC fences, Tuf-Fences won’t rot, decay or splinter over the years.
Enjoy elegance, privacy, and security for your yard. SimTek® fences provide a secluded place for you and your family to spend time together in the place that matters most: your home. They offer superior durability and performance for creating a quiet and private outdoor living space. Enhance your yard with this innovative alternative to traditional masonry or wood.
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PVC fencing has a number of advantages. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC),  is low-maintenance and won’t fracture or splinter like wood. Buyers choose PVC because it doesn’t decay, attract insects, or require refinishing. It is also available in a variety of colours and styles, ranging from short picket fences to tall privacy fences. It can also be textured to make it look like wood.

The average cost of a PVC fence in Ottawa varies, depending on its size, height, and current material costs. The cost of labour will also vary. On average, Installing a PVC or vinyl fence costs 75-130$ a foot. Visit our product page to see our PVC Options or contact us through our contact forms for a personalised quote.

Fence post caps, texturing, lattice effects, and gates are some of the add-ons that will raise the price. In addition, the price is affected by the thickness of the material. For a more solid fence that requires less maintenance over time, it’s usually worth investing in a thicker vinyl.  Our Experts at Fencescape recommends you choose a simple design over a lower-quality material if you want to save money.

PVC is a non-toxic material that does not damage the air or soak into the earth. There are no nails, jagged edges, or splinters on PVC fencing, and it has a smooth surface.

Our PVC fences have a patented H-Shaped Post which allows for ease of installation. The Channeled side of the post allows the rail to be installed at any location without the need of routing the post making installation and modification fast and easy.All our PVC posts have an internal Galvanized metal stiffener that is installed into the excavated ground and set in a concrete base. Once cured, the PVC H post is sleeved over the metal insert and the panels are built between posts. All our PVC fences are individual components, not preassembled panels. Wew install the bottom rail first, then all the boards stack together and then it is capped with the top rail. All posts are cut to height and capped