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Snow Removal in Ottawa


Fencescape Snow Removal Services offers quick snow plow services in Ottawa. With our services, you can stay warm while maintaining the cleanliness of your driveway as the snow falls. We offer reliable residential and commercial snow removal, snow blowing and snow clearing services. Our fully prepared staff provides snow removal services in Ottawa and the surrounding area using cutting-edge vehicles and equipment.




At Fencescape, we specialize in snow removal services in the Ottawa area. Ranging from small residential roads and driveways to commercial parking lots and everything in between, we handle it all. We have established a solid reputation for offering dependable service.
Having a dependable snow removal provider can make the difference between keeping Ottawa business open and having to close for the day. We’ll offer quick, efficient assistance to keep your doors open and your staff and clients secure. If you own a home or business in Ottawa, contact us to get a free estimate on snow removal!

In Ottawa, snow removal is a must during the winter. Our winters are harsh, and snow frequently blocks the city’s streets, driveways, parking lots, and commercial areas.

While this creates a stunning winter scene, it also creates some problems for homeowners and business owners. If snow and ice accumulate at your residence or place of business, it may provide a safety risk and subject you to liability in the event of an accident. When you need help the most, you need a snow removal business you can trust. With Fencescape snow removal services, visitors to your residential or business property can move around safely and without fear.

Fencescape in Ottawa ensures hassle-free winters with their efficient driveway snow removal services. Swift and reliable, their dedicated team clears your driveway promptly, granting you the freedom to navigate safely through the iciest conditions.

Transforming winter into a worry-free season, Fencescape caters to Ottawa’s residential areas with expert snow removal. From walkways to entrances, their comprehensive service blankets your home, ensuring a secure and accessible environment for you and your family.

Fencescape’s professional snow plowing services in Ottawa guarantee uninterrupted mobility. Their state-of-the-art plows swiftly clear the roads, driveways, and parking lots, providing a clear path for a smooth and unobstructed commute.

Fencescape is dedicated to providing a flawless winter experience, which goes beyond simple snow removal. Our state-of-the-art snow plowing services prioritize efficiency and precision in addition to ensuring mobility. Fencescape’s professional operators are adept at handling every situation, from quickly covering large parking spaces to carefully maneuvering around tight corners. You can rely on Fencescape in Ottawa to turn winter’s difficulties into chances for stress-free travel, making sure your surroundings are not only cleaned but also designed with your convenience in mind.

Fencescape goes beyond removal, prioritizing safety with meticulous salting and deicing services in Ottawa. Their eco-friendly solutions prevent ice buildup, ensuring surfaces remain slip-free. Trust Fencescape to keep your pathways, driveways, car parks, and private roads secure in the iciest conditions.

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As you might expect, we constantly keep an eye on the weather. Any forecast for snow or other winter precipitation prompts our account managers to begin inspecting the properties we service to determine what tools and products, if any, will be required. They also make sure that our crews are dispatched at the proper time and in the proper way to ensure safe working conditions.

Although the duration and scale of each winter storm varies, we  require our crew members to report within an hour after dispatch. You can be confident that your lot will be cleared before your doors open.

No. Our tractor’s blower is fitted with two inches of teflon, a strong material. By doing this, any paved surface abrasion or interlock damage will be avoided. In respect to your grass, we put up markings to stop the tractor from driving on it and to ensure that you always have a fully cleaned driveway.

No, our drivers are skilled at avoiding them and working around them. Additionally, parked automobiles have typically been relocated by the time the driver makes his second round 4-5 hours later, allowing for thorough cleaning of the driveway. If you anticipate having a car in the driveway when we arrive, we advise you to relocate it onto the street if at all feasible or to park it as close to the top and side of the driveway as possible to offer the driver optimal accessibility. If not, the driver will at least remove everything from the area behind the car, including any snowbanks the city plough may have left behind.

Yes, however you should be mindful that your lawn can get blown over with part of the gravel from your driveway. Even though our drivers take every precaution, some gravel displacement cannot be prevented until the earth freezes and the stones settle into place. 

The driver is provided with both theoretical and hands-on training.

Each new hire receives hours of hands-on driving practise, comprehensive instruction on route navigation, familiarisation with the technical aspects of the vehicle, and a full briefing on public and driver safety concerns.

Improve Safety

It is hazardous to have too much snow near your property as it could cause you to trip and fall, seriously hurting you. Furthermore, if you don’t take precautions while clearing the snow, you could wind up harming yourself or those around you. You can keep safe this winter by hiring pros to clear the snow.

Prompt and Hassle-Free Work

Shovels and other tools are needed for the snow removal operation. If you do not know how to utilise them properly, it may be a laborious task. It may take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to clear your driveway, depending on how much snow there is. By using specialists that provide residential snow removal services, you may save time and effort. They can finish the job swiftly and effectively since they have specialised equipment.

We provide quick and effective snow removal services for residential and commercial properties.

Because we are interested in our customer’s safety, we can swiftly remove the accumulated snow from your property using our knowledge and resources to make it safe during the winter.