Homeland Vinyl Products created this one-of-a-kind fencing system exclusively for tough northern climates. The H-post is a precision engineered design that combines strength, elegance, and design freedom. The non routed design facilitates installation in practically any weather condition. For almost 15 years, Tuf-Fence has been a market favourite in and around Canada.

Equiped with Tuf-Fence ACCU shield formulation for longetivity

Strength, elegance, and design freedom



Tuf-Fence has an industry-first H-post, as well as rails and boards that are among the thickest and most durable in the industry.

Tuf-Fence profiles are designed and manufactured to strict standards, resulting in a very effective system. All of our Tuf-Fence profiles work together for a precise fit that allows for bespoke styles without compromising the fence’s strength. The fence’s flexibility and robustness allow homeowners to create a style that suits their needs.


  • Tuf-Fence is a proven innovative fence system that can withstand the harsh northern climates.
  • Market favourite in and around Canada for over 15 years.
  • Ease of installation and alteration
  • Possesses precision fit.
  • Will not rot, split, splinter or decay.
  • UV Protected – Homeland’s ACCU-Shield formulation protects your PVC against harsh ultraviolet rays.
  • Quality Assurance – Homeland Vinyl Products has a rigorous Quality Control program.
  • Best of all, Tuf-Fence’s vinyl profiles are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Tuf-Fence ACCU Shield Formulation

Our protective outer layer, ACCU-Shield, is designed to greatly prevent oxidation and the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. ACCU-Shield maintains the colour and gloss of our products for a longer period of time, even in harsh climates. Simply said, ACCU-Shield offers the best sun protection available.

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This unique fencing system is manufactured by Homeland Vinyl Products specifically for harsh northern climates. The H-post design is precision engineered for strength, beauty, and design flexibility. The nonrouted design makes installation easier in almost any weather. Tuf-Fence has been a market favorite in and around Canada for over 15 years. It is backed by Homeland’s limited lifetime warranty and is protected by our ACCU-Shield® formulation. You can feel confident you are getting a proven product to stand up against the elements.

In terms of material costs, vinyl (PVC) is initially slightly more expensive than wood. In some areas, this difference is becoming quite negligible due to the rising price of wood. Vinyl (PVC) emerges as the actual money saver when all the various cost elements over the lifespan of your fence are considered.

Wood isn’t actually as cost-effective in the long run, as evidenced by factors like the need to replace the fence in 5–15 years, yearly maintenance costs (labour, paint, replacement boards, etc.), the environmental impact of arsenic in treated wood, and the toxic chemicals required to maintain a wood fence.

Some costs, like the costs to you of owning a fence that appears to need repair, are difficult to quantify. The price difference quickly disappears, and vinyl ends up being a sensible and financially savvy investment in the long-term value of your house. You won’t have to worry about painting, nails rusting, boards decaying, or splinters once your vinyl (PVC) fence is installed.

Yes. While labour, concrete, and building supplies all have the same price regardless of the material quality chosen, high-quality materials and workmanship always cost more than inferior ones. Even if a product of poorer quality may be less expensive, the likelihood of future repair and/or replacement costs outweighs any apparent advantages.

No, not always. Even in everyday use, a light system may flex easily. Additionally, a post and rail connection with a weak fastening mechanism may function poorly and cause rails to come loose. The strength and durability of a vinyl fence will be increased by a properly built system with a higher wall thickness and solid rail connection. We fasten using a routed technique, which produces a robust fence with a neat appearance.

No. The PVC Fences that we carry at fencescape has been designed to withstand Canada’s harsh weather. Any barrier will collapse if enough pressure is given to it. However, to ensure the highest impact resistance possible, our profiles are made employing impact modifiers in carefully calibrated quantities.

There are industry-required standard of quality and criteria used to evaluate production processes. The content, colour, and wetness of PVC resin are examined. The temperature and pressure required for molecular fusion are examined during a pre-extrusion inspection on the chemical batches. Extruded profile samples are cut, verified for colour, gloss, radius, and dimension “on line,” and tested for impact resistance, as well as heat and freeze reactions, “off line.”