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What to Consider When Selecting Chain Link Fencing Material

Chain link fence installation is a great choice for Ottawa homeowners who are looking to enhance the privacy and security of their homes without blocking any of the property’s views. 

Chain link fencing is a simple and cost-effective fencing solution that comes in a variety of coatings and materials that serve different purposes. Choosing the right fencing option can be a daunting task for somebody without experience – do you choose vinyl or polymer coating? What’s the difference between galvanized and slatted chain link fencing?

Thankfully, our experts at Fencescape know exactly what they’re talking about. We’ve put together a brief guide to help you decide which chain link fence material to select.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized chain link fencing is the most popular fencing option in its category. This material provides protection against rust as it is covered in a layer of zinc. All chain link fences are metal based, meaning the anti-oxidizing nature of galvanized chain link fences is optimal for people interested in low-maintenance fencing solutions. 

Ottawa homeowners should consider galvanized chain link fence installation as the durable material is able to withstand the city’s snowy winters and rainy springs. Note that galvanized fences are sometimes dipped into zinc before being welded into the mesh and sometimes are not. If the fence is galvanized after welding it may be susceptible to rusting at wire intersection areas.

Slatted Fencing 

Slatted fencing installation is something every privacy-loving Ottawa homeowner should consider. At its core, the fence maintains the same essential properties as a traditional chain link fence. It may be dipped in zinc or other materials to help prevent rust and the mesh patterns can be adjusted just like other fences. The primary difference is in the added slates.

Slatted fencing involves putting slats into the mesh material of the chainlink fence. The objective is to prevent people from being able to see through the fence’s links. Typically made from PVC, plastic, or aluminium, these slats offer a degree of privacy that a normal chainlink fence can not. 

Vinyl & Polymer Chain Link Coating

Vinyl (PVC) and Polymer are typically the go-to fencing coating options for residential chain link fences. These coatings give the fence a rubbery appearance and protect the fence itself from rain, snow, scratching, rusting, and more. 

Another benefit of these coating options is the variety of colours they come in. Homeowners are given a rainbow of colours to choose from – opening the door to personalization choices that are typically not available for chain link fences. 

Be aware that vinyl and polymer chain link fence coatings are more expensive than galvanized or other fencing options. However, the sleek colours and shiny finish provide a beautiful-looking chain link fence that can only be achieved through vinyl and polymer coating.

Trusted Chain Link Fence Installation in Ottawa

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