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When to Install a Privacy Fence in Ottawa

When to Install a Privacy Fence in Ottawa

Priacy fence around a home with flowers in ottawa

Privacy fences serve a variety of purposes. Architecturally speaking, they can be a decoration and enhance the look of a house. They can also add dynamic visual features to your space to help break it up and define it. However, adding privacy is their primary function by definition. A privacy fence is technically similar to a conventional fence and is typically at least 4 to 6 feet tall.

Your home serves as your haven from the commotion and clamour of daily life. It’s time to get a new privacy fence installed in Ottawa whether you live in an urban area or need additional privacy for your pool or yard. Whatever your requirements, a privacy fence is available for you as it comes in a variety of materials, designs, and aesthetic features. The fence that will soon surround your private area will keep off prying eyes and provide you peace of mind as you enjoy your backyard.


When should you consider privacy fence installation?

Here are a few things to consider before installing a privacy fence on your property: 


Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is a thrilling experience, especially if you have a reasonable budget to work with and may examine many properties to find the perfect one for your requirements. However, not every home will have all the features you desire such as an appropriate backyard environment. You can make your backyard a peaceful and relaxing area and this can be achieved by spending money on a privacy fence.


Busy Roads

A privacy fence will prevent strangers from peering into your property if there is a lot of foot or car activity on your road. A privacy fence can separate the outside world from your property for peace of mind or even just peace, regardless of whether you reside in a neighbourhood with a high or low crime rate.


Children and PetsLittle gil playing with bubbles in a backyard secured by privacy fencing

You may relax knowing that your loved ones are playing and enjoying the outdoors in safety thanks to privacy fencing. With a privacy fence separating them from the street, your puppies and children will be safer.



Installation of a privacy fence can stop those annoying daytime disturbances. Consider installing a privacy fence if you frequently receive solicitations or work from home.


Away from Home

Installing a privacy fence can help you ensure that your property is safe when you can’t be there by working in tandem with your home security system. Burglars won’t know you’re away if they can’t look in. Privacy fencing can be ideal for you if you frequently travel for work or pleasure.


Your Fencing Options

Here are our top material picks for privacy fencing in Ottawa:


Wood Privacy Fence Options

Solid privacy fences have traditionally been made of wood. Wood fences are common because they are affordable, simple to stain or paint, natural, adaptable, and easy for a reputable fencing company to repair a fence picket, post, or section. For privacy fencing, nothing is more natural than wood and as a bonus, some outside noise is absorbed by the wood.


Vinyl Privacy Fences options

Vinyl privacy fencing is the newest on the market. They never need painting or staining, are crack and warp-resistant, and always appear new. Although vinyl fencing initially costs more than wood fencing, it offsets this cost with ease of upkeep. Never before did privacy look so attractive while requiring so little work. Some vinyl fences also mimic the appearance of wood, without the maintenance.


Time for a Privacy Fence Installation Ottawa?

A home in Ottawa with privacy fencingYou have determined that it would be a wonderful idea to think about installing a privacy fence. FenceScape has been providing fencing materials and services to the Ottawa and Gatineau area for years. We provide a free installation and privacy fence estimate.

Installing a privacy fence can put your mind at ease if you’re weary of feeling like an open book to the public when you’re in the quiet of your own house. Contact us at FenceScape and a reputable fencing expert will offer you the information you should know regarding privacy fences and a free quote.