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Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips

Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Wooden fences require a bit more maintenance than some other styles of fencing such as PVC or iron.

On average, a well-maintained wooden fence can last between 10 and 15 years. In order for your fencing to last this long, it is important to employ proper maintenance practices.

Ottawa is known for its extreme weather conditions, year-round. Whether it’s snow, rain, or wind, your fence is exposed to a number of elements throughout the year. The best way to ensure your fence lasts for years to come is to take proper care of it.

Here are some of our top tips and tricks to get you started:


Clean Every 3-5 Yearspower washing a wood fence to clean it

Make sure you are giving your wood fence a proper cleaning every few years. This way you avoid possible problems such as early fence rot, or mildew and moulds.

A power washer is a handy tool to help you successfully remove all the dirt and grime from the fence. Just make sure you’re not standing too close!


Inspect & Repair Each Year

Each year when spring has arrived, take a weekend and inspect the slats on your fencing for any signs of wear and tear. Whether a piece has broken or you notice rotting near the base of your fence, it’s best to repair small problems before they become big issues!

Taking the time to replace any broken boards, and making notes of potential problem areas for the future will ensure you’re keeping your fence in good conduction.


Use A Sealant To Prevent Sun Damage

Using a polyurethane sealant to properly treat your wood boards will be a huge help. A sealant will ensure your fencing won’t be damaged or bleached by sun rays over time. This way you can retain the overall visual appeal of your fencing for years to come.

We recommend taking the time every one to two years to reseal your fencing to help avoid preventable damage to your fence.


Avoid Climbing Vines On Your Wood Fenceclimbing vine on wood fence

While climbing vines on a wood fence can give your backyard a rustic cottage charm, they’ll end up causing you more trouble than they’re worth.

Vines with dense, wood-like stems can hold moisture against your fence. This excess moisture can end up rotting the wood, which means you’ll be shaving years off your beautiful wood fence.


FenceScape – Your Fence Maintenance Experts!

Here at FenceScape, we are dedicated to designing and installing wood fences for our clients around the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Our team will also be happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding fence maintenance.

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